Enhance your organization’s infrastructure with our industry-leading business IT support services. Whether you have an immediate short-term technical project or are looking for a long-term trusted IT partner, Mochabit is here for you. For over twenty years, we’ve been helping organizations like yours leverage technology for their benefit.
With our technical consultants and network support professionals, we have the resources and expertise to overcome any IT challenge that you may have — quickly and efficiently. Explore our enterprise-level, large and small business IT support services, below.


Dedicated IT services

Through our core competencies, which include implementation and administration, we provide our business clients with stable and reliable services. We maintain relationships with several major hardware and software vendors and have certified expertise with their products.

Security & VPN

A virtual private network is a technology that improves your online security and privacy. This technology offers many important benefits that result in greatly improved internet security. Using a VPN is arguably one of the key ways to better protect yourself while online.

Network engineering

Keeping your network clean and tidy can save a lot of time when identifying problems. Aside from aesthetics, we manage switches, routers, firewalls and wireless networks. We have been working with Cisco / Meraki, Mikrotik, Fortinet, Ubiquity, Aruba & other industry leading network technologies.

Virtualization & cloud

Virtualization enables a modern alternative to data availability. What does this mean? More reliable, less expensive and better use of your resources. We can manage your computing, storage and network virtualization using AWS and Microsoft Azure technologies.

Data storage

Storing your files has many advantages. You can view your files from any phone, tablet or computer that’s connected to the internet, and you can also provide backup for files so they’ll never disappear if your phone gets lost or your computer crashes.

VoIP solutions

VoIP is, or Voice over Internet Protocol, an affordable digital telephone service in which calls are sent and received over the internet as data. Our VoIP service includes many highly advanced, next generation calling, texting, video, and conferencing features.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Video surveillance is the use of security cameras to monitor and record activity in a specific area or location for security, safety or monitoring purposes.

Door Access Control

Door access control is a matter of who, where, and when. An Access Control System determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit.

Public Address & Audio Systems

A sound amplification system comprising a microphone, amplifier and speakers. Primarily used for speech, PA systems are widely used in schools, auditoriums and sports arenas.


Vendors, service providers, industry partners or value-added resellers that comprehensively support our projects.

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